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What is Rettland?

Rettland is a place people are taken to when one little person is born with one little variation on one little gene. Life is tougher here but triumphs are far greater. Rettland transforms typical into extraordinary as communities unite over common ground. Rettland Foundation recognizes that strength comes from supporting one another and we seek to be a bridge and make that process easier.

What is our goal?

Rettland Foundation seeks to provide financial support and encouragement to families participating in clinical research for Rett Syndrome. We want to bring awareness to the process of human involvement in research and provide a way for those unable to enroll to support those that are.

How do we do this?

We have multiple programs for financial support. Additionally, we partner with local organizations near research sites to provide families with fun things to do with their down time. Sometimes we just send flowers because we know it’s a hard road.

Is there something that would make it easier for you to participate in a clinical trial? Send your thoughts to

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