Revs 4 Rett is dedicated to improving the quality of life for children and their families impacted by Rett Syndrome. We exist to engage in advocacy, education and awareness efforts, and raise funds to support the search for a cure.

Revs 4 Rett is a volunteer driven organization, consisting of family members and supporters whose lives are touched by Rett Syndrome.

We are affiliated with the Ontario Rett Syndrome Association, a non profit organization Registration #  890178999RR0001 and Rettland FoundationUSA.

"To see how many people here are supporting our cause is encouraging and gives me hope. There are so many girls who are worse off than I am, and the more research is funded, the sooner we may be able to lead the lives we dream of." ~ Gaby Valner, a young woman with a-typical Rett Syndrome

Our Mission

Our mission is spread awareness about Rett Syndrome, raise funds for research opportunities, advocate for rare diseases and

provide knowledge to our community.


Our Vision

We seek to assist in finding a cure for Rett Syndrome. Until a cure for this disease is found,

we envision a world where children with Rett Syndrome and their families have access to the resources, care and support they need, where the public is aware of, engaged and active in addressing this debilitating disease, and where improved treatments are found to help our kids

live a little easier.

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